New publication on adult illiteracy

One in five 15-year-olds in Europe, as well as many adults, lack basic reading and writing skills, which makes it harder for them to find a job and puts them at risk of social exclusion. New publication by Lit.Voc tackles these problems. - We have to ask what does this mean for their children?

The Literacy and Vocation (Lit.Voc) project identifies literacy needs for workplace purposes and develops concepts and materials for literacy and numeracy education (skills for life) in Europe. The project partnership suggests that workplace oriented literacy programmes are the most effective way to build the literacy skills of people already in employment or in apprenticeship.
Lit.Voc project´s newly published reader "The invisible EU crisis: adult illiteracy - a long underestimated problem. A reader with facts, information and solutions" can be downloaded for free from the project's website. The reader is currently available in English and in German.
The reader includes facts and real life stories, information on the importance of literacy in work life and solutions for combating illiteracy.
Lit.Voc is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project.

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