Oslo standard for school-home partnership

EPA Treasurer, Christian Hellevang shares a good example in his newsflash. It is a document prepared by the city of Oslo, Norway supporting parents and schools alike to cooperate for the benefit of children, coming into force at the beginning of the schoolyear. We think it can be adapted and used anywhere in Europe. 

The Oslo standard for school-home partnership is common guidelines for all Oslo schools for cooperation between school and home. The aim of the standard is to create mutual confidence by clearly clarify what parents can expect from the school and what the school expects from parents.

It covers three main areas:
- Teaching and learning
- Safety and Well-Being
- Dialogue and Cooperation

The standard has been translated into six languages (Arab, English, Somali, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu) - in line with the standard of offering translation and interpretation services if needed - ​​and distributed electronically to all parents in Oslo school, which has students in primary or secondary school. Schools can also develop their own policies, as a supplement.

This standard has been prepared by the Department of Education in Oslo  on behalf of the City council of Oslo  and is part of the City Government's commitment to social mobility. The standard will come into force in autumn 2014

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