Eurydice Report on Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe, 2011/12

The Eurydice Network has been collecting and publishing data on teachers and school heads salaries
since 1995. Traditionally the information was used primarily in Key Data on Education reports, where two
sections were devoted to a comparative analysis of issues related to teachers and school heads.

Following the previous positive experience, the Eurydice Network decided to collect and publish on yearly
basis information on the salaries and allowances for teachers and school heads. The present document is
composed by three parts. In Part I, a comparative analysis based on the data provided by each country is
presented. In Part II, national sheets on teachers and school heads remunerations from  pre-primary
education (ISCED 0) to upper secondary education (ISCED3)  are summarised. Finally, in Part III, the
general methodology and definitions used in the data collection are available.
For each country/region, the following elements are included in the national data sheets:
 Decision-making levels for setting teachers’/school heads’ basic statutory salaries in public schools;
 Salaries arrangements in the private sector;
 Minimum and maximum annual gross statutory salaries of full-time fully qualified teachers/school
heads’ in public schools;
 Actual salary levels if available;
 Information on salary increase/decrease in the last two years;
 Salary allowances for teachers/school heads.

Download full pdf from here: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/education/eurydice/documents/facts_and_figures/salaries.pdf

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