EPA Newsletter 1/2013

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Some time has passed since we delivered our last newsletter. EPA has not been inactive since but we encountered some challenges by limiting EPA’s spending for secretariat support. Now the Newsletter is out and you find all the links in this BLOG:

The following annexed files are included in the newsletter but partially don' have an active link - please blame Microsoft Office for this ;-( 


Constitution of a Thematic Working Group Early School Leaving in Vocational Education and Training

Early School Leaving had been assigned a key issue in the ET2020 strategy. The ambitious target was set to lower the rate of young people without upper secondary education to 10 % by 2020. The commission agreed on a general definition: ESL was measured at the age cohort 18 an 24 accounting for “NEETs”, young adults Not in Employment, Education or Training. Some discrepancies are caused as on national level different definitions had been established and are still in use in data collection.

By December 2011 DG EAC1 established a High Level Thematic Working Group (TWG) on ESL. This consists of representatives of national ministries of education and experts related to those. In addition several European stakeholder associations were invited to participate. Among them are EPA, OBESSU2 representing the school students in upper secondary education and ETUCE3 representing teachers.

Forms for (potential) EPA members - Vers. 2013

Dear (potential) EPA-members,

This is to disseminate documents intended to update the association's knowledge about membes.

To keep contact with your association and  learn about new representatives, new contact details etc. please check out our actual member's form.

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