All of Europe Reads to Kids

 "All of Europe Reads to Kids" programme 
 In 2011, for the first time, we organized theInternational Week of Reading to Children. It was done in cooperation with our sister Czech Foundation “Every Czech Reads to Kids” as well as local authorities and libraries. Celebration started onJune 1st, 2011 in Cieszyn and Cesky Tesin jointly. 

Special Guests of the event along with Polish and Czech children signed the Proclamation of the “All of Europe Reads toKids” Program aimed at raising readers – educated, cultural and wise people - through daily reading aloud to children sincetheir earliest childhood: at home, kindergartens and schools. Later this day, the representatives of foreign countries and the organizers met at the ”Round Table” to discuss strategy of introducing the Program in Europe.
The “All of Europe Reads to Kids” Program is to facilitate an exchange of experiences and good practices between different organizations and provide a working platform for those who are willing to launch campaigns promoting reading to children in their countries.
Conducting the reading campaign for ten years, the “ABCXXI - All of Poland Reads to Kids” Foundation has developed effective methods of realizing programs promoting reading to children and is eager to share them with everyone who cares about the future of young generation – and our common future. The information packages published both in Polish and English contain:
1. a list of benefits of daily reading to children,
2. results of the research on the effectiveness of reading programs,
3. examples of good practices,
4. tips on how to run “Reading Schools” and “Reading Kindergartens” Programs
5. books recommended for parents, teachers and educators                                                                                               6. letters encouraging schools and kindergartens to join programs
Programs similar to our campaign have already been implemented in the Czech Republic and started in Slovakia. Another one is expected to be launched soon in Lithuania. We have also started cooperation with the foundation promoting reading to children in Slovenia.
All enthusiasts of reading, along with the individuals and institutions interested in joining the “All of Europe Reads to Kids” Program, are kindly invited to contact us for more information via e-mail at europe@cpcd.pl and/or at phone number  609 153 472.

Source: http://www.allofpolandreadstokids.org/all-of-europe-reads-to-kids

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