MEET Competition

pencil1 Competition GuidelinesMEET has published a competition announcement. If you are 17+ and you have your view and vision on what a High Quality European Education means you can submit your paper until 22 September. You can win an iPad and a free trip to Brussels.


HabEat Workshop in Warsaw

On 13th of June the representatives of Barents Association took part in  STAKEHOLDERS WORKSHOP organized by HABEAT and Warsaw University of Life Science, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Science in Warsaw, Poland. EPA member association Parents in Education reports.


European Education for All ... three months to go...

Raising awareness on the role of education and the added-value of European education through MEET is not only a great exercise in democracy but a way of eventually feeding our ideas into policy and advocacy processes, a cause MEET will remain committed to beyond the timeframe of the ECI.
Dear Executive Committee, Pledge Partners, country coordinators and friends,
It has been a year since the Commission accepted our European Citizens' initiative "A High Quality European Education for All" and, to be honest, it has been a steep learning curve for us all. Initially, there were the legal and technical aspects to getting the on-line collection system certified and up and running on the 1st January 2013. Then, there were the challenges of a European regulation, which has different requirements depending on the member state. In addition, different languages, data protection rules and educational systems.
What is very exciting and interesting, and at the heart of MEET, is the process of building up our network, interacting with new partners, bringing-on-board campaign coordinators throughout Europe. People full of enthusiasm, ideas, a belief in Europe and above all, the wish to change the education dynamic in Europe. All willing to invest their time and energy on a voluntary basis. It is a long, ongoing process, which is very rewarding and which will continue  long after the deadline date of 1st November 2013.  
So three months to go. We have the summer to sharpen our message, accelerate the campaign, social networking and outreach to citizens so as to get them to better understand our message and sign the initiative here. We will have a MEETing on Saturday 21st September, Brussels. Save the date, more info to follow.