Digital Natives and their Digital Immigrant Parents/Teachers

12 years ago, in 2001 Marc Prensky published a very interesting and still up-to-date  article (years before social networks) about Digital Natives, the generations that were born in the digital age, using computers all their lives and Digital Immigrants who learnt to use IT later at a later age.


Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan in the EU

The new Entrepreneurship Action Plan prepared for the European Parliament by the Commission sets out a number of actions to be taken at both EU and Member States' level to support entrepreneurship in Europe. The plan emphasizes the importance of improving entrepreneurial education and training. One of its three pillars is increasing the prevalence and quality of entrepreneurial education and training, which is considered one of the highest return investments Europe can make. Among other objectives, the Commission will develop a pan-European entrepreneurial learning initiative bringing together existing European and national expertise for impact analysis, knowledge sharing, development of methodologies and peer mentoring between practitioners from Member States.


Risks and Safety for Children on the Internet

A 2011 research reports from EU Kids Online EU Kids Online, the pan-European study which looked at risks and safety on the internet from the perspective of children aged 9-16 and their parents, has recently published two new research reports as follows:

Education policy priorities of the Irish Presidency

Welcoming the beginning of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, which Ireland will hold until 30th June, a number of legislative priorities in education have been identified in order to improve training, skills and access to education. From the official website of the Irish Presidency www.eu2013.ie