April Newsletter of the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL)

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  • Latest EPNoSL reports on School Leadership for equity and learning
  • EPNoSL empirical studies
  • Ministries of Education of Slovenia, Matla, and Portugal join EPNoSL
  • Forthcoming EPNoSL PLA @ Nice, France
  • EFEE, ETUCE and VO-raad project on Professional autonomy, accountability and efficient leadership

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Fapel initiative on LLL

FAPEL and EBC*L sign a cooperation agreement to promote the achievement of a European certificate of training on business and entrepreneurship skills to improve the education of their young people, and also of parents .

FAPEL is aware of the need for training and accreditation at European level, and they made and agreement with the entity representing this certification in Spain ( EBC * L, Certificate European Business Licence, http://www.ebcl.es ) to promote it to parents and their schools, which they consider important in itself and also as a distinguishing feature in educational provision.

Challenges for Parents in the Digital Age - conference report

The last EPA conference and GA so far was held in Lisbon on 4th and 5th April 2014. The speakers and participants were dealing with a hot topic, the various aspects of the digital age in connection with families, parents and schools. The few paragraphs below will try to give a very short insight to this very interesting and lively conference. You will also find the presentations of all the speakers with their contact details if you want to work on with these topics.


Celebration in Spain

One of our Spanish members, FEPACE is celebrating half a century of good home-school cooperation. The EPA family is wishing a happy anniversary!

Talking about Fomento is talking about Parents. And talking about Parents is talking about Fomento.
It was 1963 when a group of parents from all over Spain joined in different cities for the purpose of creating a type of institution where school and family were linked in a solid union in order to achieve an academic and human excellence. Where the professors help families raise their children in the same direction as they were being taught in their houses.