EPA Newsletter 1/2013

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
dear colleagues and friends of EPA!

Some time has passed since we delivered our last newsletter. EPA has not been inactive since but we encountered some challenges by limiting EPA’s spending for secretariat support. Now the Newsletter is out and you find all the links in this BLOG:

The following annexed files are included in the newsletter but partially don' have an active link - please blame Microsoft Office for this ;-( 
Please mind that the following forms are Microsoft Word documents! To edit the form fields please use the button for download and store the file locally. Then open it with the appropriate programme and fill it.

The newsletter includes a call for candidates for elections. Here is the form for application:
To access two reports on European events please use the following links:
Please take notice of the following forms and  submit updated information to the EPA-office:

Last but not least take notice of the call for the traditional ALCUIN-Award and send in you application MS-word form

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