Forms for (potential) EPA members - Vers. 2013

Dear (potential) EPA-members,

This is to disseminate documents intended to update the association's knowledge about membes.

To keep contact with your association and  learn about new representatives, new contact details etc. please check out our actual member's form.

If you are new and want to apply fo membership please send us a letter of application and annex the membership form.

Please help us to present an overview on the interaction of European associations and the dissemination of information to European citizens/parents. Use the form "National Report 2012" to present the activities and follow-up on EPA's activities. Please download EPA's National Report 2012 form, fill whatever seems relevant for your association and don't get scared by the number of suggested topics and activities. The EPA-office knows that hardly any member is capable of handling all of the suggested pathways of dissemination.

Both documents are word-forms and shall be filled using Microsoft Word or a compatible text processing programme. You can only ente text in specific fields and move through the document using the TAB-key. Please store the file locally after editing and send it back to office@epa-parents.eu.

Kind regards

Johannes Theiner

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