Training material on Investing in Children available online

The European Institute of Public Administration has recently made available some material delivered during recent training sessions organised by the European Commission . The training was designed for national administrators who are currently working on developing implementation strategies for theRecommendation 'Investing in children - breaking the cycle of disadvantage'. This builds on the training seminars held throughout Europe over the past months, notably in Athens in May 2014, and in Italy in March 2014.

How the seminars relate to the Recommendation

The European Commission's Recommendation on Investing in Children - Breaking the cycle of disadvantage' was adopted in 2013, as part of the Commission's Social Investment Package. It aims to focus on longer-term investment in children, emphasising positive outcomes in the long run. The Recommendation points to the various instruments available at the EU and national level for EU Member States, such as the European Social Funds (ESF).
Given the complex mechanisms in place at the EU and national level, the seminars aim to help national and local administrators and program managers from ministries and government departments who are in charge of implementing the ESF at the national level understand the range of tools available.

Material now available online

Most of the material from the country seminars is now available online, often in the language of the host country, although some documents are available in English (notably for the seminar hosted in Athens). For each seminar, a background paper on the host country is available, as well as the PowerPoints from the main presentations, and relevant documentation relating to the seminar.
In addition, a document on available EU funding and toolspdf for investing in children can be found online, as well as seminar reports and position papers for some of the seminars. The material from the Greek seminar and the Irish seminar are available in English.
The availability of this material online will make it easier for policymakers from across the EU to gain knowledge on the Recommendation, and ways to access the right tools for implementing it.
Source: EPIC

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