Get Online Week - 23-29 March 2015

Not every European is digital just yet. But we’re getting there. Thousands of community telecentres get people online and on jobs across Europe. We celebrate their work in the last week of March every year, by organizing European Get Online Week (GOW) – to empower a digital Europe.
On 23-29 March 2015, Europe is invited to enter a digital world full of benefits. With 20% Europeans still offline and with 39% of the EU workforce lacking proper digital skills[1], the campaign partners have much to do, especially looking at the hundreds of thousands of digital jobs available on the labour market. The equation is simple. Get those 20% online and get those 39% aware and ready to take the available digital jobs.

The campaign will address the following key issues and will be built on simple messages:
  1. Digital empowerment - seeking to raise awareness and build people’s set of skills required by the available digital jobs
  1. Digital inclusion - making sure no one is left behind, by raising awareness and initiating offliners and various disadvantaged groups in the online world
  1. New topics will enrich the 2015 campaign: coding for digital inclusion and eParticipation

The campaign will address two key issues and will be built on simple messages:
In 2015 Get Online Week will seek to contribute to the larger eSkills for Jobs campaign of the European Commission. Joining forces together will enhance the impact and will open new opportunities for campaign participants.
Telecentre Europe, the organiser of GOW will work with its member organizations (telecentres and its networks, public libraries, other NGOs) as GOW national partners to engage at least 5,000 community learning centres in campaign activities that will involve directly at least 50,000 people and reach out to at least 2,000,000 Europeans.

A glimpse on activities around Europe: 2015 is the year of technological education in Czech Republic. Therefore coding and online safety activities will be organised for children and the youth by NCBI. LIKTA is planning a high-level policy event to reflect on National Coalition for e-Skills in the last 2 years. Libraries and SMEs will also be involved in Latvia during the campaign. Seniors will get ICT trainings and will be involved in inter-generational activities organised by EOS in Romania. ECP in the Netherlands will launch Digital Help Plaza – an online platform to test digital skills and get support. Around 400-500 events are estimated to take place in Poland during the Get Online Week organised by FRSI. Italy will see a boost in activities this year: two partners Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ERVET are planning to team-up on national and regional levels.
Two projects IT 4 Youth and Mobile Literacy delivered by PH International will engage citizens in Russiato use tablets and smartphones to access the Internet. Quiz, gaming, coding and other experimental activities are promised in the GOW plan in Portugal which will be run by FCT. Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks will look into women as entrepreneurs in ICT and will host International Telecentres Meeting on the topic. New member Simbioza Genesis from Slovenia will organize ICT Breakthrough computer workshops for young people. Many similar activities will take place in Croatia by Telecentar,Lithuania (Langas I Ateiti), Slovakia (Aptech Europe), Estonia (Smart Work Association), Sweden(Sambruk), Ireland (FIT), Macedonia (Open the Windows), Serbia (International Aid Network), Germany(Stiftung Digitale Chancen), Albania (Albanian Institute of Science), Bulgaria (ICTDBG).

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