Eurydice launches new short overview on Annual Instruction Time

The Comparative Overview on Recommended Annual Instruction Time in Full-time Compulsory Education in Europe 2013/14 has just been published by Eurydice. Going through the data some EPA members found that the data provided by their respective governments and used by Eurydice may not be correct. We would appreciate if EPA members sent us their comments if they find mistakes in the data provided. 

This short analysis compares the annual recommended instruction time in full-time compulsory education in public sector schools. The overview covers 32 countries of the Eurydice network (reference year 2013/14). The analysis shows that instruction time varies considerably between European countries. It reaches or exceeds 900 in some (Ireland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and UK (WLS)) while it is below 600 in Croatia. It also illustrates that the emphasis within the compulsory curriculum, that is to say the relative percentage of instruction time that should be dedicated to certain subjects, is quite similar across many countries. At primary level, the main focus is on reading, writing and literature and that many countries put a relatively strong focus on foreign languages at secondary level.
The data presented in the comparative analysis comes from national sheets published in the form of diagrams. Information can be consulted in two manners, according to country, and in addition, according to school grade.
Source: Eurydice - EACEA

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