Migration and Education - EUNEC Statement

EUNEC discussed the new challenges for migration and education together with experts and representatives of stakeholders from the member countries in Larnaca, Cyprus in October 2012. Olympia Stylianou, secretary general of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, welcomed about 50 participants coming from 14 European countries and from Qu├ębec.
EUNEC formulates recommendations at policy level as well as at class and school level. 
A shift in thinking is needed.  Our fundamental view about diversity and education denies diversity as a starting point; we have to move away from the deficit approach that devalues diversity to a problem, and work towards a  consensus in society where diversity and migration are not automatically seen as a problem but rather as an asset.
EUNEC expresses its concern that, in times of crisis, the most vulnerable groups should not suffer most.
(from the EUNEC Newsletter)
Read the full pdf here: http://www.eunec.eu/sites/www.eunec.eu/files/attachment/files/statements_0.pdf

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