High Quality European Education for All

MEET-Movement for a European Education Trust wants to strengthen and accelerate the development of a European dimension in education at school level. MEET members believe it is time for a new educational paradigm aimed at building a Europe from the ground up and providing equal access to all its citizens who request it. On 9 May 2012, Europe Day, MEET submitted its proposal for a European Citizens' Initiative on a High Quality European Education for All to the European Commission. 16 July 2012: “A High Quality European Education for All” became the 8th European Citizens’ Initiative officially registered by the European Commission.

Education has been identified as a key challenge in the EU policy 2020 focusing on growth and jobs. The Lisbon Treaty has given the Union a mandate to create a European dimension in education. There are valid economic and social reasons for developing a common framework, yet respecting national systems.

MEET wants to create a debate on a European educational model based on a holistic approach to learning. The role and importance of EU values and European linguistic and cultural diversity will be at the center of such an educational model, in an attempt to broaden and improve what already exists within the European Schools system.

MEET wants to raise awareness, provoke collaborative thinking and trigger commitment among a wide range of people about the role of education in the European project.

You can find out more and also sign the initiative here http://www.euroedtrust.eu/ 

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