From Political Will to Implementation - New EUCIS-LLL Position Paper on Europe 2020 Strategy

The Europe 2020 Strategy is on the verge of its mid-term review. Inequalities in European education and training systems have increased simultaneously with the crisis, with vulnerable groups being particularly disadvantaged. The level of low-skilled adults, increased numbers of people at the risk of social exclusion and rising unemployment levels in most Member States show that much more needs to be done in order to reach the 2020 targets. This will require a renewed political commitment to foster lifelong learning at European level with a stronger focus on the social dimension of education, training and youth policies and funds.

European citizens should be rightly placed at the centre of the strategy and of all political decisions made at EU level. A common vision for the European Union cannot be reduced to purely economic considerations - says the Position Paper just published, and EPA (not only as a member of EUCIS-LLL) cannot agree more. EUCIS-LLL presents 10 key points on the EU2020 Strategy.

1. A flagship initiative on Inclusive Education, fighting inequalities and discrimination
2. Re-assess current headline targets
3. Use smartly indicators for evidence-based policies
4. Investment Plan: supporting greater cohesion and solidarity
5. Stop austerity and take out education from the fiscal balance sheet
6. Tackle issues that have a huge added value at EU level
7. A more transparent and open European Semester process
8. Improve communication and coordination of the various policies, programmes and
9. Set up national targets and roadmaps to reach the EU headline targets
10. Recognise and support civil society organisations as key intermediaries between the
EU and citizens in the framework of a coherent, open and transparent civil dialogue

Read the full Policy Paper, including details of the 10 key points on the EUCIS-LLL website.

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