Fapel initiative on LLL

FAPEL and EBC*L sign a cooperation agreement to promote the achievement of a European certificate of training on business and entrepreneurship skills to improve the education of their young people, and also of parents .

FAPEL is aware of the need for training and accreditation at European level, and they made and agreement with the entity representing this certification in Spain ( EBC * L, Certificate European Business Licence, http://www.ebcl.es ) to promote it to parents and their schools, which they consider important in itself and also as a distinguishing feature in educational provision.

The objective of the agreement is twofold: ( 1) collaborate with schools because of the interest that families have in helping to improve the education of our children. ( 2) from the same schools could promote it for concerned parents.
Life-Long Learning Culture. This certificate is validated by the EU Commission's Life-Long Learning program and FAPEL wants want to promote a cultural change and collaborate in the promotion among parents and students, because they are certain that training throughout life is necessary in the current and future economic and employment environment.
This European accreditation certifies that the owner obtained the basic competence to act in a real economic and business context, and showing necessary skills to understand the operation of a business, learn and reason and make economic decisions, be able to manage a business unit or be prepared to undertake an initiative. Furthermore, in some European universities, obtaining this certificate is equivalent to 3 ECTS.
For this reason, the program is designed to be taught in different languages, both high school students and vocational training as self-employed, unemployed people, college students of any academic or professional field.

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