Newsflash from Norway

Next round of newsflashes from our Board Members starts with information from the North, our Norwegian Treasurer, Christian Hellevang about major issues for parents in his country.

The Norwegian Education Act states in its first paragraph that the education shall be in “collaboration and agreement with the home.” This means that the parents play an important part both for the students’ environment and for their learning.
One of the main issues for education in Norway is to prevent and stop bullying. The Education Act states that all pupils are entitled to a good physical and psychosocial environment conductive to health, well-being and learning. The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training states that four factors are important to prevent bullying. One of them is a good relationship between home and school.
Another important issue in Norwegian education is teacher training. More teachers get further education to be better qualified. The government wants to “lift” the teachers. Education about home-school partnership in teacher training schools is also an important issue.

Christian Hellevang
member of the Board

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