Fapel University Day - Newsflash from Catalonia, Spain

Fapel University Day, organised for the forst time this year, is a meeting point for schools, parents and universities, and was attended by over 1300 students and thirty national and international universities.
This first meeting took place on 7th February on the grounds of the “Loreto - Abat Oliva School” in Barcelona, member of Fapel. Parents, schools and universities were the center of the activity. More than 1300 students  (aged 16-17) from schools renowned for their performance and results attended the meeting with well-known national and international universities. This event was aimn at providing teachers, students and parents with personalized information on studies and degrees as well as trying to make students and parents committed to lifelong learning.
The event was organized around two areas simultaneously. In one of the buildings with three conference rooms universities explained their projects. Each one had a few minutes to make a brief presentation of their presmises, study programs and scholarships. Moreover, there was another space provided to accommodate a College Fair, where universities had stands to be personally visited by students, parents and representatives of the schools involved to make space for further explaination of their programs and studies as well as for clarification of any questions or doubts.
Fapel is already preparing the next event, probably in the autumn of 2014, working togehter with Educaweb, a prestigious organization in Spain Fapel has a collaboration agreement with to support teachers in guiding and advising parents.

Fapel - Federation of Parents Associations of Catalonia,  EPA member since 1985, representing more than 140,000 parents in private schools with public funding, which aims to defend the right of parents to choose the education they wish their children to receive.

José Manuel Prats
member of the Board

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