Competition hihglighting STEM for 10+ children

SciChallenge, an international STEM-contest, makes scientific careers more attractive to young people through social media. Since January 2017, submissions for the SciChallenge competition are open to youngsters between 10-20 years. Participants can win a trip to Vienna and further prizes by
submitting their project until 30th of April 2017. It is organised and promoted by one of EPA's partners, the European Students' Union (ESU), under the framework of a Horizon2020 project. We are working on the possibility to include a parent representative in the jury and to also award a special parental prize.

In Europe many STEM teachers are looking for new methods to make their classes more interactive and student-centred, enriching students’ learning experiences and growing interest in STEM subjects.  In the meantime, the demand for STEM-related skills is increasing, while enrolment rates in STEM-based degree programs remains low.

What if we took a different approach? What if we encouraged students from a young age, be they boys or girls and no matter the stereotypes surrounding their environment, to take the challenge to understand one or several of the world’s problems from a STEM perspective? What if this competition was open now?

This Horizon 2020 project addresses the increasing demand for professionals in STEM-fields using innovative digital techniques and social media to make these careers more attractive for youngsters.

Children between 10-14 (Age group 1)  and teens between 15-20 (Age Group 2) are eligible to apply. It is possible to participate either alone or with a group of maximum 3 persons. They can choose a topic from the 50 topic sheets or also work on a topic of your choice and create a poster, a presentation or a video. For more information on how to participate, see the toolkits!

Further information and links to the platform, social media, videos, and folders

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