KeyCoNet final conference

Almost 100 stakeholders from 25 countries attended the conference  Improving the Integration of Key Competences in School Education, stretching across the various education communities involved in policy, research and practice. The goal was to launch KeyCoNet’s recommendations to a broad group of key stakeholders involved in key competence development in school education. EPA was invited to be at the conference and contribute to the discussion as a panellist. We are also committed to helping the dissemination of KeyCoNet’s recommendations at national, regional, European or local level, to ensure they are put to good use by the various stakeholders you work with in your daily professions.

The conference’s agenda, presentations, photographs, and press release can all be accessed from the KeyCoNet website here: http://keyconet.eun.org/conference

KeyCoNet’s recommendations, as well as the accompanying video animation which we encourage you to use to disseminate and communicate the network’s conclusions, are available here: http://keyconet.eun.org/recommendations

We are glad we could be part of the work not only at the conference, but during the project. If you read the recommendations, you can see that the importance of the parental role is highlighted in the document. The EPA family also helped to collect a reasonable number of reactions to the online consultation on the future of education earlier this year.

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