Grants for parents and teachers to attend a European course together

In 2011-2012 EPA was involved in the European project Parents As Successful teacherS (PASS - www.ta-parents.eu).  Some EPA members participated in the PASS final conference in Vienna in ovember 2012. We are now happy to let you know that TA Group (www.ta-group.eu), the coordinating institution for the PASS project, is offering a PASS course for parents in April 2014 that is included in the Comenius-Grundtvig catalogue of the European Commission.

You can find detailed information about the course here:

Being a course in the EU catalogue means that each parent coming from the country that participates in the Lifelong Learning Programme can apply for a grant that covers all the costs associated with the course, including travel and accommodation. The application deadline is 17 September and the application should be submitted to the National Agency of the country where you are based. A list of National Agencies can be found here:

Another useful aspect many parent associations may appreciate is that a parallel version of the course is offered to teachers who can apply for a Comenius grant. More information is available here:

This means that teachers and parents can actually attend one training  together and have useful input for establishing a successful dialogue with each other that will enhance better learning of children at home and school.

EPA hopefully will be represented at the Riga event next April. Further enquiries both about the content and application procedure should be directed to Dr Alexander Sokol, the course director, at info @ 

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