MenCare for active paternal engagement in child care - Newsflesh from Bulgaria

About an year ago a consortium of 10 Bulgarian NGOs - our Bulgarian member, Roditeli being one of them - launched a MenCare campaign in support of active male engagement in child care. For the very first time a national fatherhood campaign is organized in Bulgaria. After a year of intensive work and discovering the uncovered path, the project team was pleasantly surprised by the first positive results. "To be a Dad" has developed into one of the strongest viral campaign (without any budget for advertising) for the last 10 years in Bulgaria. The work team was awarded with the prestigious award for the Bulgarian non-governmental sector "Project of the Year - 2014", followed with the special prize "Father of the Year Award - 2015". For a period of year and a half more than 100 organizations are involved as supporters of the campaign. What are the reasons for this success? How the campaign was able to reach so many families and touch emotionally Bulgarian men? What is the secret? Get ideas in support for your MenCare campaigns by reading the attached articles (they give insights about our approach for social change and explain our path to the success).

Enjoy the official video clip of To be a Dad campaign and the great posters that put a smile on the face of so many people in Bulgaria. Support our efforts by sharing the video and the posters on your information and media channels. Send us your feedback – what is your opinion about the campaign? Is it applicable in the context you live in?  

 “To be a Dad” official video clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBJlZwP4HrU

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