Improving the Public School - reform of standards in the Danish public school (primary and lower secondary education)

In 2013 the public primary schools underwent the largest reform in many decades. The aim of the reform was to tackle some of the biggest challenges in primary education, such as too many students leaving school with poor academic results, especially children of parents with lower education. 
The three goals of the public school are:
  • to challenge all students, so that they realise their full potential; 
  • to reduce the influence of social background on academic results; 
  • to ensure that trust in the school and student well-being are enhanced through respect for professional knowledge and practice. 
The role of parents in schools is emphasised in the reform giving the school board the task to make principles for involving parents more in the home-school cooperation. 

The reform is still being implemented, and the implementation is difficult due to challenges with financing, inclusion, changes in school structures in many municipalities, and the after waves of the lock out of teachers in 2013.

More information about the reform here

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