Nordic conference on an equal school for all in Helsinki

From 12.-13.September 2014 the Nordic Committee for parent organizations in the Nordic countries organized a conference with over 50 participants from parent organizations in the Nordic countries. Participants came from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

The organizers of the conference was the Swedish-Finnish parent organization in Finland (Hem och Skola ) together with the Nordic Committee. All the Nordic parent organizations are co-organizers.
The Nordic associations of parent organizations in the Nordic region called Nordic Committee meets every year to discuss school policies and parental cooperation. Every year they organize a joint conference.

Parents in the Nordic countries share a common concern about the increasing segregation in schools. Possibility of school change and division into so-called A and B schools are among the questions that occupy parents in all of the countries.

Homepage of Nordic Committee:  www.nordiskkomite.org

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