Family-School Get-together - Newsflash from Finland

The Finnish Parents’ League has published a leaflet about Kodin ja koulun päivä (Family-School Get-together). The Family-School Get-together is an informal event that offers families and teaching staff the opportunity to interact with and get to know each other. It can take the form of morning coffee shared by teachers and parents, an entire Saturday filled with exciting programme events, or a friendly evening after a day's work. Most important is to find the time to interact.

Almost 1000 schools all over Finland take part to Family-School Get-together. It’s organised by Finnish Parents’ League in cooperation with teachers’ and principals’ unions and with Finnish National Board of Education.

You can find the leaflet from Kodin ja koulun päivä on our member's website: http://www.kodinjakoulunpaiva.fi/lisatiedot/family-school_get-together

Feel free to share this information if you find it important and useful. More information from Ulla Siimes or from address: toimisto @ vanhempainliitto.fi .

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