ICT in Schools - contribute to the survey

The Danish company, Skoleskyen (school cloud) is conducting a EU-wide survey of parents on the use of ICT in schools. The aim of the survey is to find out how much technology is used at schools in Europe. The topic is in line with our conference in Lisbon. This is the reason why we are happy to the share information about the survey to get more parents to participate on request of our Danish member, SOF.

School Cloud’s survey will help both the company and EPA gain a broader insight into the usage of technology in education within the EU. Moreover, we hope the survey will help us to understand the various aspects of the usage of technology in education. The target group for this survey is parents with children between 6-17 years within the EU. The responses School Cloud receives from you will be used as a whole and therefore not assessed individually. 

In addition, you will be in the draw for 1000 euros after we receive your response. The winner determines who will receive the donation for 1000 euros; however, the recipient must be a class or a school. The winner will be announced on www.theschoolcloud.com and contacted via email. 

Results from the survey are likely to be published at the end of August 2014 on: www.theschoolcloud.com. Furthermore the results will be distributed by the EPA to the national associations.

Participate in the survey by following these links: English - Spanish - French - Italian

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