If Kids can do it... - Parents and children together for tackling food waste

EPA has been represented in the FEAD Network by our Ambassador Herminio Correa (second left in the picture). In the network they are trying to find cooperation possibilities of projects financed from FEAD funds and those working with groups of people, those who are the most deprived in Europe, to amplify the effect of FEAD funding. The following project idea was developed at the last network meeting at a contest and won. It is a simple but great idea worth considering to implement. Let us know if you decide to make it a reality.

“Best Project idea for tackling food waste”

Winner 1

If Kids can do it…

1.This project aims to tackle the substantial issue of food waste in families.

2. The name of our project is If Kids Can Do It

3. The objective is two-fold. First, it is intended to include more people in awareness around food waste, as it is from understanding that action comes. Our second aim is to practically change behaviour.

4. Starting in schools, the activities would get children involved and invested in the food process. We would organise cooking workshops using resources that would otherwise have gone to waste. School kitchens are a key location for these activities, and children could also visit farms and factories depending on where they are based (making the project applicable in various settings).

5. How does this connect to FEAD?
  • It reaches children from all backgrounds, including the most deprived.
  • It provides a meal from kids from otherwise wasted resources.
  • Community-building aspect: kids bring home what they learn to their parents. Parents could also contribute their skills, in turn; for example, by arranging show-and-tell of their work in the food industry, perhaps in a factory, farm, or shop.

6. Who? This project includes children, teachers and school authorities, parents. It is important to underline the value of volunteers to contribute their personal skills on a case-by-case basis.

7. When? The project could start with a pilot in schools in one commune in the city, and one commune in the countryside.

8. In this way, If Kids Can Do It… helps prevent food waste with each meal created and by teaching the younger generation, while connecting families with FEAD, and fostering community.

Harriet Brooker – Red Cross EU
Patrizia de Felice – Fead Managing Authority
Louis Cantuel – Restaurants du Coeur

HermĂ­nio CorrĂȘa – European Parents Association


  1. Congratulation on this new project! Congratulations to its team! First, I started by loving the name 'If kids can do it...', it's energetic, challenging and aims at a concrete problem: the food waste! Look forward to getting to knoww more about it!

  2. Thank you for your interest and kind words. We will keep our readers updated on further developments