BETT Conference in London - 20-23 January 2016

The BETT 2016 conference 20-23.January 2016 at the ExCel Centre in London was four days of insight and exploration into the world of education technology. It is the biggest event in the world on the topic of digital technology and education where EPA was represented by Vice President Christian Hellevang.

Technology develops fast today, and the education industry is no exception. The rapid rate of innovation means it can be hard for schools and educational organisations to keep up, meaning they are potentially missing out on cutting-edge technologies.

Nearly 45,000 people visited the BETT show last year and this year’s event was expected to be even bigger, marking it out as one of the most important educational conferences in the UK.

Many of the exhibitors in the BETT 2016 conference were targeting parents and they had a lot of technology that makes it easier for schools to share information with the parents and to give parents higher influence in the schools.

Two highlighted publications from the conference website if you are interested to learn more: 
Parents should be the champions of our schools

Education Secretary opens the 2016 BETT show by talking of the benefits technology can bring to education.

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