New EU priorities set in education and training

A draft joint report of the European Council and the Commission sets new priorities for European cooperation in education and training as part of the strategy for education and training (ET 2020). The Council is expected to adopt the report by the end of the year.
EUCIS-LLL has published a statement welcoming that there is more emphasis on inclusion and citizenship than before, but also calls the attention to the need for supporting cross-sectoral partnerships.
Established in 2009, ET 2020 is a forum for the Commission, who coordinates the process, Member States and education institutions to exchange best practice, information and advice on policy reforms.
The proposed new priorities are:
  • Relevant and high-quality skills and competences, focusing on results, for employability, innovation and active citizenship;
  • Inclusive education, equality, non-discrimination and promotion of civic competences;
  • Open and innovative education and training, including by fully embracing the digital era;
  • Strong support for educators;
  • Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning and labour mobility;
  • Sustainable investment, performance and efficiency of education and training systems.
More details on the state of play, developments, challenges and necessary steps on the CEDEFOP website

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