Growing Up Digitally

Safer Internet Forum is a yearly event held by the European Commission. The focus of the event is how to create a save environment for our children on the internet. This year the focus was on parents, schools and the internet industry and our shared responsibility to create a secure environment on the internet for our children so that they can use all the benefits of the vast amount of information and entertainment on the internet. 

I participated as representative from the Advisory Board for Safer Internet, Denmark and it was very interesting to meet with helplines, industry, parents organizations, and last but not least many young people who had embraced all the opportunities of the internet to create businesses and develop networks across boarders and cultures. 

In the final session we all had to make a list of things we could do to boost internet security. From the parents workshop we came up with this steps for parents to take to make being on the internet safer for our children. If you give your child a device you have the responsibility to learn and understand the possibilities of the device in cooperation with your child. Be a good role model for your child, act safely on the internet yourself and teach your child the rules and ethics of good and safe communication

See a lot more about Safer Internet Forum at http://www.saferinternet.org/sif

Mette With Hagensen (SOF, Denmark)

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