New EPNoSL publication: Promoting the policy agenda on school leadership from the perspective of equity and learning

Promoting the policy agenda on school leadership from the perspective of equity and learning is developed in the frame of the European Policy Network of School Leadership (EPNoSL) project EPA is part of. Although it focuses mostly on school leaders, head teachers themselves, it can be used as a good tool for training parents for participating in distributed leadership and school leadership in general.

The publication summarises the policy-relevant outcomes of EPNoSL activities so far. It is intended a) as a dissemination tool, communicating EPNoSL’s work on school leadership policy development to a wider audience, and b) as a resource for school leadership stakeholders, providing them with tools and analysis for meeting challenges and identifying areas for policy attention to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning.

The promotion and establishment of an enabling school leadership environment is the foundation for school leadership policies that address effectively challenges of equity and learning performance:
➡ It is reflected in the room for flexibility and autonomy granted to school leaders for making important decisions that aim to identify and respond to concrete school needs in relation equity and learning challenges. 
➡ The distribution of leadership roles and responsibilities in the context of autonomy empowers all school stakeholders to engage in collaborative initiatives that aim to combat inequalities and to improve learning performance. 
➡ Accountability mechanisms need to be enhanced to promote trust between school stakeholders, and more broadly to promote the legitimacy and transparency of school-based decisions. 

Feel free to use the material in your own school, community, country. You can download the publication from here.

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