The Human Right to Education Declaration

A broad group of civil society networks and organisations, including EAEA, have come together to highlight the compelling case for ensuring that the fulfilment of human rights is at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda in a Civil Society Joint Statement. The education narrative, as well as goals and core indicators, should be grounded in a human rights perspective.

The organisations and networks presenting this statement reaffirm that the following principles express an understanding of education as a fundamental human right.
  1. Every human being is entitled to the right to education.
  2. States are duty-bearers and must respect, protect and fulfill human rights, including the right to education.
  3. The right to education begins at birth and is lifelong.
  4. Adult education and literacy in a lifelong learning framework are an integral part of the right to education.
  5. A broad approach to quality education is needed.
  6. Equality and non discrimination are core elements of the right to education.
  7. Teachers are at the center of quality education.
  8. The State must provide sufficient financing for public education.
  9. There must be democratic governance in education.
  10. Human rights are integral, indivisible and interdependent.
You can read the full text here

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